Sawyer Law Group

We Practice Intellectual Property Law Exclusively

Our Practice

Patent prosecution is the core of our work. Our attorneys and agents are skilled at preparing and prosecuting U.S. and foreign patent applications for a broad range of complex technologies, including software, hardware, Flash devices, Flash processing methods, relational databases, digital circuitry, radiotherapy, ultrasound, computer architecture, optical devices, graphics processing, Internet-related applications, digital photography, business methods, computer systems, server technology, disk drives, programmable logic devices, reconfigurable devices, and video architecture.

We tailor patent applications for your business goals. We determine the most effective methods of protection, and strategies that avoid issues with third-party patents. Through a network of relationships with attorneys in foreign countries, we can provide you with local representation to obtain and maintain patent rights in most countries in the world.

We can help you in organizing and administering intellectual property committees to identify, protect, and maintain intellectual property portfolios, including policies that ensure client ownership of intellectual property developed by employees. Infringement, validity, and right-to-use counseling and opinions

Our attorneys write legal opinions concerning potential infringements of U.S. patents, either by a client or of a client's patent. We also write opinions on the validity of U.S. patents that you own or are concerned about. If you are concerned you may be infringing existing patents, we provide right-to-use counseling and opinions in conjunction with prior art searches and analysis.

Patent-related audits and due diligence

Our attorneys perform both offensive and defensive audits of your own and your competitors' intellectual property portfolios. We can help you in due diligence investigations. We help in identifying issued, pending and abandoned U.S. and foreign patent applications, and patents filed by you, your competitors, or a potential seller. During mergers, sales, or other asset transfers, we help to review invention disclosures, those awaiting disposition or that may be the basis of a patent application.

Prior art search and analysis

Our attorneys conduct prior art searches among patents and non-patent sources in a variety of complex technology areas. We analyze the searches to identify any prior art that might prevent the United States Patent and Trademark Office from allowing a particular invention to be patented. These searches also help us to draft stronger patent claims for you.

Portfolio analysis

Our attorneys, with their technical expertise and extensive legal experience, can analyze your patent portfolio, advising as to the potential scope of each patent, as well as the portfolio as a whole. We can help you to create a coherent patent portfolio strategy consistent with your technology and business goals. We tailor the prosecution of any pending patent applications according to your portfolio strategy.

Counseling for individuals and small businesses

For individuals and small businesses, our attorneys can help to identify potentially patentable ideas, to assess the strength of each idea, prioritizing them in view of your technology and business goals, and drafting and filing patent applications to protect your ideas. We can help you create and maintain coherent intellectual property strategies, including combined use of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. We can train your workforce in-house on ways to identify and preserve your intellectual property rights. We provide "on-call" counseling for clients in these and other aspects of intellectual property matters.

Trademark registration and counseling

Our attorneys can counsel you in the protection of company names, brand names, slogans, and trade dress for U.S. and worldwide markets, including registration. We help you to file both "use in commerce" and "intent to use" registration applications for trademarks and service marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Through a network of relationships with attorneys in foreign countries, we can provide you with local representation to obtain and maintain trademark rights in most countries in the world.

Copyright registration and counseling

Our attorneys can counsel you on the selection and protection by copyright of computer software code, web sites, brochures, technical manuals, visual works, and more. We can help you to file copyright registration applications with the United States Copyright Office.